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The Grimerica Show

Jun 8, 2015

Paul Flores, of The Public Space Initiative - Moon Viewing Project. Their non-profit goal is to put a network of tube and cube sats in low earth orbit and lunar orbit for 24 hour live video.
The guys chat about the distrust of NASA and other agencies and the reason a public space program is needed and will work. The many challenges with getting something into orbit and some of the major ufo sightings out there. Paul seems to be doing this the right way, proper planning and marketing before funding launch and a board of directors to ensure public interaction. 
In the intro Jestin (ForteanMind) joins Darren and Graham. They chat about FM's newest blog and some of the TV's shows out there in the Paranormal, like Monsters and Mysteries, and
My Ghost Stories. Matt Swayne is coming in the show next to chat about his book "Haunted Rock&Roll" and many things paranormal. Graham asks FM about shooting Sasq.....and of course, as usual he has another little synchronicity to share. Actually involves Grahamerica!! 
Don't forget the remote viewing exercise. The coordinates are 2105 6611. The target is in present time....
jot down your impressions, sketches, thoughts and feelings and send them in by June 10 and we will talk about it in the episode released around June 12. 
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