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The Grimerica Show

Sep 5, 2015

Interview Starts 36:00
Chris Kehler is an alternative holistic healer. We chat about energy medicine, sacred geometric tools used in this type of healing, and radionic health. He uses a unique system of dowsing to pinpoint the root cause and then utilizes krystaline energy tools to neutralize the problem. We end up trying a live energy healing on the podcast. 
We talk about how Chris got involve in this and the changes people go through during and after a so called spiritual awakening. There seems to be an energetic signature of lucifer and a parasite problem at the core of a lot of peoples issues and of course we touch on positive thinking, frequency and a variety of esoteric topics. 
Red Pill Junkie joins us for the intro and we read a listener email about ancient archaeological sites and whether or not the Bosnian Pyramids are natural. It's only matter of time before more underwater sites get discovered and this whole field will open up. RPJ talks about some of his latest blogs. Matt intheHatt from Sleestak the band is blogging now for us and he has a donation campaign going on for Sept. Download his music and donations go to The Grimerica Show. Thanks Matt! 
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Ron Amitron "mind to heart" drop video
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