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The Grimerica Show

Sep 10, 2016

Interview starts 37:15
Charles Ortel joins us for a chat about the Clinton Foundation and other false front charities. There are over a million tax exempt organizations in the States. Charles has been investigating the legality of The Clinton Foundation and it’s web of donors and charities…. what he's calling the Clinton charity network.
This is way bigger than the Clintons, and its not about the right or the left. Charles has uncovered many discrepancies with the way this foundation is set up and what has been happening to the money.
Charles is an investor and a writer interested in geo-politics, history and economics. He’s been putting this research online for free for all to see. 
This scandal could be setting a terribleprecedence for others in office to create these money laundering and pay to play charities. 
We chat about the history of this specific foundation and the history of charity law. These "merchants of misery" use disasters and crisis capitalism along with sovereignty changes to funnel money to their private coffers. Charles also talks about the genesis of this research and where he is going with it in the near future. This is just scratching the surface and maybe there is a chance to expose this robin hood in reverse global corruption before its too late.  
See below for approximate time stamp of the topics we chat about….:
41:40 - The inner workings of charities and how they are supposed to be set up and work.
47:00 - The Clinton Foundations “little” broken rules.
54:00 - The Haiti mission and the 14 billion
1:04:00 - The dirt on Laureate education and managing to get 4 billion in debt.
1:36:00 - UNITAID, in for a billion, collaboration of countries in Europe.
1:46:00 - What will happen to the Clintons if/when caught and how likely…..
In the intro Darren and Graham shoot the shit about listener feedback and synchronicities and chat about experimental ways to alter consciousness in high school. A warm welcome to all of our new listeners. One of our listeners suggest creating a link to movies and books that have assisted in a “spiritual awakening”. Graham has a couple appropriate UFO quotes of the week and reads an email with lucid dreaming advice from a listener.
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