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The Grimerica Show

Sep 27, 2015

Interview Starts 32:30
James Jesso, author of Decomposing the Shadow - Lessons from the Psilocybin Mushroom and his latest book, The True Light of Darkness
James has been touring the world generating a public discourse on socially outcast and taboo subjects. He's been writing, speaking and facilitating...

Sep 20, 2015

Interview Starts 33:45
Marty Hansen, owner of M-2 Sport - Body Mind Fitness Training in Calgary - is in the Igloo! Marty in an intuitive proffesional coach and trainer, inspiring and training high levels athletes through a holistic approach. Marty is open minded and values the influence of thought and energy...

Sep 13, 2015

Interview starts 34:45
Kevin Estrella from the rock band Pyramids on Mars. Kevin has a unique UFO type experience to share. Another fellow Canadian and a favorite past guest of ours Grant Cameron has been investigating his case. Kevin and Grant have come to the conclusion that there just may be a link between these...

Sep 5, 2015

Interview Starts 36:00
Chris Kehler is an alternative holistic healer. We chat about energy medicine, sacred geometric tools used in this type of healing, and radionic health. He uses a unique system of dowsing to pinpoint the root cause and then utilizes krystaline energy tools to neutralize the problem. We end up...