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The Grimerica Show

Jun 23, 2018

Interview Starts 33:00
Jim Lee joins us for an amazing chat and presentation on the history of weather modification and geo engineering the planet and our skies. We chat about the decades worth of evidence, government secret projects like Popeye, LAC, Nile Blue and DEW.  Rainmaking, Cloud Seeding, weather control,...

Jun 16, 2018

Interview starts 32:55
Jason Louv joins us to talk about Magick and the increase of interest in this and the occult. It’s been good timing for the release of his book John Dee and the Empire of Angels. We also get into all kinds of stuff… like censorship from the Tech giants and social media, esoteric practices,...

Jun 10, 2018

Interview starts at 39:40
Patrick Kelly joins us to talk about his decades of research into free energy. He define’s it and talks about all the different types that are currently in use around the globe. He digs into the 20 different ways to extract free energy, everything from permanent magnets, compressed air,...

Jun 2, 2018

 Interview starts 34:30
Leslie Kean joins us along with a special co-host, Alex Tsakiris to chat about the state of Disclosure and the NY Times article about UFO’s being researching in the US Government. Leslie made a great impact in UFOlogy a few years back with her book “UFO’s, Generals, Pilots and Govt...