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The Grimerica Show

Oct 27, 2018

Interview starts 36:40
Grant Cameron is back in Grimerica to chat about the latest in his interest in UFO’s and Consciousness. Alex Tsakiris, host of Skeptiko joins us as well to ask Grant some difficult questions. We chat about the definition of “downloads”, how everything is consciousness, the difference if...

Oct 20, 2018

Interview Starts 48:00
Greg Carlwood is back in Grimerica to chat about his podcast The Higherside Chats in this era of conspiracies. We chat about different topics covered on our shows, some of the more extremely crazy listeners out there, and attempting Magick.
In the intro...

Oct 13, 2018

Interview Starts 28:20
Benny Wills of Joy Camp joins us to chat about todays censorship climate, his satire work on youtube, his awakening moment, and the shift and surprises in the political polarization.
We also chat about tokenism, genders, Q-anon, millennials, pedofile ring busts, writing and performing poetry,...

Oct 6, 2018

Interview Starts 38:15
Ed Opperman of the Opperman Report joins us to talk about...
gang stalking
how he helps people 
pedo and pedogate. contemporary vs old stuff from the 80’s
how he puts up and decipher’s the MSM
what happened with your youtube. demonitized channel. 100%. resubmit
john potash -...

Oct 2, 2018

Interview Starts 43:33
Jane Oka Kaya Shin joins us to chat about earth medicine’s, yoga and many other spiritual practices, her teaching, and science vs. spirituality. 
We also talk a lot about healing from addiction, Kambo, getting kicked out of India, Vedic astrology, reiki, Nassim Haramein’s work, spiritual...