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The Grimerica Show

Jul 31, 2019

Interview starts at 39:00
Robert K. Wilcox joins us to chat about his research and books on the assassination of Patton. We talk about the depth of his research and his writing, as well as the state of journalism today. We also chat about deeper aspects of spies in WW2, project paperclip, books on fighter pilots,...

Jul 28, 2019

Adam and Serfiel from Conspirinormal podcast join us for this bonus episode swapcast. We chat about the genesis of each of our shows and some of our future plans. Big tech censorship, the internet, and new thought are topics that we had to get into. We also chatted about American Cosmic, facial recognition, fake...

Jul 25, 2019

Interview starts at 27:45
Adam Apollo, the Wizard, Scientist, Researcher, Musician, and Astral Traveller joins us to chat about his research, the Unified Field Theory, the overlap between science in spirituality and his lecture at Contact in the Desert.
We chat about geometric spacetime, practical magic,...

Jul 20, 2019

Interview Starts at 37:40
Dr. Martin Sweatman joins us to chat about his book Prehistory Decoded. We also talk about the ancient zodiac, decoding Gobekli Tepe, profound moments of discovery, the Taurid meteor stream, catastrophism and the origins of mythology. 
There was a bit of push back from the skeptical...

Jul 17, 2019

The interview starts at 32:50
Brandon Powell joins us to chat about The Wim Hof breathing method, shamanism and training your mind, spirit and body. Brandon is one of the few official Wim Hof trainers so we go deep into that breathing method and what led Brandon to that point.
We also chat about shamanism, martial...