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The Grimerica Show

Sep 28, 2019

Interview starts at 26:20
Ankit Pandey from India joins us to chat about Vedic Astrology, the difference in cultures, the journey from atheism/skepticism to open minded belief, and the new philosophers.
We also chat about worshiping idols, chakras, the power of names, sanskrit, Jesus, tai chi, past life regressions,...

Sep 22, 2019

Interview Starts at 27:35
Tony Heller of Real Climate Science .com joins us to chat about the manipulation of the temperature data of US and abroad to propagate this global warming scare. Tony uses only official published data to show how bad the media is at actually reporting science and the truth. They get it...

Sep 20, 2019

Interview starts at 32:25
Dylan Monroe joins us for a great chat about Conspiracies, the Deep State Mapping project, his Orit-B Codex’s, Gamma-Q, and the Healing Web.
We also chat about the metaphysical world, CE-5 - UFO experiences, downloads and channels, Monoatomic gold, crystals, The Great Awakening, Control...

Sep 15, 2019

Interview starts at 35:30
Daniel Sitaram Shankin joins us to talk about the upcoming Psilocybin Summit. We chat about the potentials and benefits of meditation and psilocybin, microdosing, our cultural challenges, good trips vs bad trips, 920 Coalition, old tyme yoga, the chakras, the John Hopkins studies, science and...

Sep 12, 2019

Interview Starts at 32:30
Jon Sumple joins us to talk about the new doc Extraordinary: The Seeding. This is the 2nd doc in a Trilogy on alien contact and abductions. We chat about the process, the people and the different types of evidence that there may actually be a hybrid program of some sorts going on. 
We also...