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The Grimerica Show

Oct 27, 2019

The interview starts at 46:45
Reed Summers joins us to talk about the channellings from a group of off-planet observers. Essentially,  a warning about contact and who really has our best interest at hand. His father was channeling this message for many years after studying self-knowledge and inner guidance.
We chat...

Oct 20, 2019

Interview Starts at 41:10
Mirjam Maclean aka Nonen Titi joins us to chat about writing for a better future and understanding different personality types. We also chat about Jung, genetic transference, Myers Briggs, celebrating diversity, self-awareness, moral judgment, and non judgment. 

Oct 12, 2019

Interview Starts at 38:50
Benny Wills is back in Grimerica and we chat about some latest JoyCamp video’s, the North-Western USA, online communities, SJW’s, Conspiracy Theorists and living with purpose.
We also chat about the evil control grid, culture, new thought, google whistle blowing, anarchism, the state of...

Oct 8, 2019

Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome Darren Grimes and Graham Dunlop of the Grimerica Show for a deep dive into the collective consciousness. We discuss what we think we live in and how our thoughts affect our reality. Thank you so much for...

Oct 5, 2019

The interview starts at 32:00
Frank Pasciuti joins us to chat about The Chrysalis Crisis - How Life’s Ordeals can Lead to Personal and Spiritual Transformation. We have a great discussion about metaphysics, shamanism, anomalous experiences, spiritual emergencies, meditation, altered states. 
We also get into...