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The Grimerica Show

Dec 28, 2020

Randall Carlson, Brad Young, Kyle and Russ Allen join us for this swapcast.  All 4 of them collaborate to create Kosmographia based on Randall and Brad’s work. And Russ and Kyle have The Brothers of the Serpent podcast. We chat about the genesis of Contact at the Cabin, our podcasts and travelling around with Randall...

Dec 24, 2020

Fandango is here, join us, Cruzin with Steak, Cat in the Box, Brodie, Felix and Michael for a discussion about all kinds of stuff. We try and take some listener calls but had to edit out at the beginning. Finally they joined into zoom in the last half.
We talk about UFO’s, the vaccine jabbie jab, Entities,...

Dec 17, 2020

The interview starts at 36:05
Hal Urban joins us to chat about positive psychology and focusing on good news. He has written influential books like “Positive Words, Powerful Results” and “Life’s Greatest Lessons, 20 Things that Matter’.
We talk about the importance of positive speech, language, good...

Dec 11, 2020

Bonus ep, Swapcast with The Melt. Chris Snipes joins us to chat about podcasting during the Great Reset lol. The chilling technocratic aspect of this, our local Alberta Stats, polarization and confrontations on the front line of non masking….
We chat about sunrise project, council of councils, black mirror,...

Dec 10, 2020

Interview starts at 37:00
Four members of the Freedom4Canada team join us to talk about the current law suit against the Alberta Governement, the lockdowns, and the upcoming Freedom Walk in Calgary. Roman, Daslo, Jesse, and Dr. Joanni Liu are on this episode to talk about the local actions being taken, and some of the...