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The Grimerica Show

Apr 26, 2021

Interview starts at 39:15
Lara Atwood joins us for a fascinating chat about their book “The Ancient Religion of the Sun”. This really puts a lot of the puzzle pieces together that we have been talking about lately. Giants, ancient myths, wisdom bringers, common ancient legends and religions, megalithic Solar...

Apr 19, 2021

Interview starts at 48:50
Micah Dank is back to chat about Illuminati hand signs and how many of these signs and symbols have been co-opted and hi jacked for nefarious purposes. What used to be used for “good” may still be for those in power but the intention/power has changed for the profane.
We chat about the...

Apr 13, 2021

This episode is a recording from the participants at our latest event - Contact in the Canyon. An event in Utah between Bryce Canyon and Zion Park put on by The Brothers of the Serpent podcast, Grimerica, David Mathisen (Star Myths of the World) and Brandon Powell (Wim Hoff Trainer)
The participants cycle through and...

Apr 5, 2021

Interview Starts at 48:25
Joanne DiMaggio - Reporter for the Universe, joins us to chat about her long awaited book “Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn"
Joanne has been a past life therapist for many years and has incredible experience in the esoteric and spiritual training. We chat...