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The Grimerica Show

Jun 2, 2018

 Interview starts 34:30
Leslie Kean joins us along with a special co-host, Alex Tsakiris to chat about the state of Disclosure and the NY Times article about UFO’s being researching in the US Government. Leslie made a great impact in UFOlogy a few years back with her book “UFO’s, Generals, Pilots and Govt Officials go on the Record”. Leslie is very open about the process and genesis of this fascinating account, and Alex pushes back a bit to challenge any potential deep state intentions. Is this just part of the Drip Drip of Disclosure or is the timing not coincidental and finally some players are coming forward to confirm what UFOlogists have suspected for decades?
We also get a chance to talk about Leslie’s other research and book “Surviving Death - A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife” which is also right up our alley.  Are there parallels between the two areas of research? These are two of the biggest questions…. We also chat about TTSA, deep state intentional disclosure, how the mainstream media has opened up to the UFO topic since Leslie’s article in Dec 17, NDE’s, trusting CIA and Skunkworks, Classified vs not classified, drop in communication and Fmri reduction.
In the Intro, we share some listener UFO sightings, and a couple UFO articles from the CIA reading room. Darren shares some social media feedback and we talk about a crazy Synchro from Oregon and our visit there, and also about meeting some great people in Seaside who love to chat about all this stuff.
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