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The Grimerica Show

May 13, 2024

Interview starts at 39:05
Jesse Johnson joins us for a chat about getting his pizza joint - Without Papers Pizza in Calgary shut down during COVID and what he is up to now. We chat about equality under oppression, the lock downs, the bogus Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the AHS and Police, the freedom rallies and the moment he knew he was going to be shut down.
We also chat about the voice he heard, Providence, and how he has chosen Jesus though this whole debacle, the law suit against the Alberta Gov, the back lash from the majority when this all was happening, the culture of snitches and censorship and social media. Is the awakening happening now? Will Alberta come out with their own Bill of Rights? Check out the class action law suits now happening, and his info below:
Help him with the law suit:
In the intro we chat about renovating a tent trailer, camping, Aurora Borealis, a synchronicity, Cosmic Summit and some listener support emails.
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