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The Grimerica Show

Nov 23, 2014

Jim Vandeventer joins the guys tonight in Grimerica. Jim has been mining bit coins for a couple of years now and is here to edumicate the fellas about this process. Jim is a self proclaimed gay rights activist, bitcoin and karaoke enthusiast. Jim used to edit films and now he is a mobile app developer. How does one mine, carry and spend bitcoins and where is this digital currency headed? Thanks to Red Pill Junkie, who joins in from Mexico for this whole chat. 


Grimerican bloggers Pat O and Fortean Mind join Darren and Graham for the intro. Fortean Mind was this months MoneyBomb winner and he throws it back into the hat. Pat O tells us about his new movie project – “The Jungle 2099”, where humans are abducted, treating like cattle and slaughtered. Should strike a cord with many folks especially with the agg gag laws….  And how our factory farming industry is treating animals. Might be a tad gory by the sounds of it.

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