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The Grimerica Show

Feb 14, 2015

Paul Hellyer, author of  “The Money Mafia- World in Crisis”

Exposing decades of government secrecy and the simple truth behind the Bankster agenda and our corrupt financial systems. Paul has been in the mainstream media lately talking about UFO’s, environmental problems and of course the debt based money problem that the globe is stuck with. Paul writes about simple solutions in principle to problems that are perceived to be very complex. Will prove to be a fascinating chat about many topics!!  

The guys chat about the corrupt shadow cabal of the world and the messed up financial system. Of course UFO’s and cover up is on the table as Paul Hellyer is in the house. It’s great to finally chat with Paul and talk about what should be simple solutions for our economy. How can anything be properly measured when Interest Rate Swaps and Derivatives count for 100’s and 100’ of Trillions. Yes, that is Trillions with a capital F’ing T. Check out Paul’s other book as well “Light at the End of  the Tunnel”. 


In the intro Darren and Graham chat about synchronicities, listener feedback, sacred geometry, crop circles and much more. Graham has the usual UFO quote and the guys want to thank everyone for listening and writing in. The 50/50 Moneybomb is gone and the show is truly the “Value for Value” model and listener supported. Thanks!

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