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The Grimerica Show

Feb 8, 2014

Daniele Bolelli of The Drunken Taoist Podcast joins Darren and Graham. Author, Teacher, Martial Artist, Podcaster, Taoist – Daniele chats with the guys about podcasting, dreaming, education, culture and among many topics. 

Red Pill Junkie is back in Grimerica for the intro to this episode.

Emy Bitner’s webcomic 

Emy’s kickstarter 

Global Coherence Initiative 


Jose Ivan (Mr. Alvarenga) along for 13 months at sea?!?!? 

The movie, The Sea Inside 

The movie, Whose Life is it Anyway 

Oklahoma, The erection of 10 commandments 

Louis Proud, “The Secret Influence of the Moon 

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke 





Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key


Labrat - Dopamine


Polytonemark - Towers of Dub (Orb Cover)


Chris Killigrew - Timeless As The Waves



High School Sweetheart - Hiatus