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The Grimerica Show

Aug 23, 2013

Thomas P. Fusco and Red Pill Junkie are on this episode chatting it up with Darren and Graham. Mr. Fusco chats about his new all encompassing theory and trodding through that area that pisses off the paranormal crowd and skeptics alike. Many elements of his book “Behind the Cosmic Veil” are discussed along with new developments in his research in this Age of Denial!

Quiubo! shouts a rattled RPJ! He and the boys talk about the latest in crazy; including a new and kinda cute but fierce looking species, tweets of a dick, micro bug swarms, and the battle over the purp bitch, among many others.   

Link to Mysterious Universe, Red Pills of the Week!

The Daily Grail links!

Daniele Bolelli’s The Drunken Taoist

Thomas P. Fusco’s site! 






Surveillance Society - TRUTH


Stardust Redux - Minnesota (Wolfcry Remix)


Prince of Persia - Rob Sparx ft Edit Smith


Baby I'm Sorry - My Name



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