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The Grimerica Show

Mar 7, 2015

Conner Habib, as his twitter says… author. pornographic person. sex expert. VP of @apacsocial. magician with a k. Conner is very articulate, open minded and quite the intellectual thinker. Check out his blog about NDE’s…. a topic which we have long desired to chat about in Grimerica. Conner studied evolutionary biology, he’s an essayist and also stars in the adult film industry.

We touch on personal spiritual experiences, the dogma of our science paradigm, and the polarization of our culture. We also discussed evolution, alternative healing and the western medical system, age management and meditation. Check out this great chat with Conner. Oh yeah, can’t forget a sprinkle of SEX…. 

In this intro it’s just Darren and Graham’s lazy mumblings. Graham talks about “The Others Report” app for news stories about the kind of stuff we like to chat about here in Grimerica, and MUFON reports. Inaugural Grimerican,  Efrain Palermo’s new book is just about finished and he had his TV debut this week on NASA Unexplained Files. Efrain discovered the Phobos Monolith and the water stains on Mars over a decade ago, and is finally getting vindicated.

Graham shares a few listener synchronicities and of course the weekly UFO quote.

Thanks for all the feedback, it’s really appreciated…. And a special thanks to all those that have contributed to the show. 


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