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The Grimerica Show

Jul 3, 2015

Interview begins at 30:00
"Atomic Rod" Adams is here to tell us about nuclear energy's untapped potential. He's publisher of Atomic Insights, host and producer of The Atomic Show Podcast. He'll give us a different view than the fear mongering mainstream view. 
You may have heard about him on No Agenda....and here we will get a little deeper into this. Rod dispels some of the myths about nuclear energy and takes us through a brief history of the development. We also chat about the unrecognized safety record and untapped potential of this energy and what has already been happening slightly under the radar of most folks. 
In the Intro Darren mentions one of our listeners bloggin from the remote viewing conference IRVA as well as a big thanks to Graham G from the UK for helping set up the Grimerica Google +. See links below. Graham talks about an article regarding 7 sensational herbs for recalling dreams and increased spirit communication. see link below.... 
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