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The Grimerica Show

Nov 27, 2016

Interview starts 55:00
Rak Razam and Niles Heckman join us to talk about the first episode of “Shamans of the Global Village”. This episode focuses is Octavio Rettig & The Sonoran Desert Toad. Each episode will highlight a different medicine. This first episode was made 100% independently by a small team of film makers. We chat about the making of this and about the global growth of psychedelics and shamanism. We also chat about many of the different medicines, holding space, duty of care, ancient practices, and the earth being a live ecosystem. People from all walks of life from all over the globe are finding various healing from this process. Addiction and PTSD just to name a couple.
Rak is the world’s leading “experiential” journalist who is writing about and helping shape this emergence of a new culture. He has written two books- Aya Awakenings and The Ayahuasca Sessions and hosts a podcast “In a Perfect World”.
Niles has years of experience in award winning Hollywood special effects and has now moved onto to various film projects - Aurora-Lab and UMIIMU. He also enjoys street photography and hosts a podcast called “Novelty Generators”.
In the intro, appropriately Red Pill Junkie joins us and we chat about Entheogens and Mexico. Best of Podcasts, GMO’s and Dr. Strange are also dicsussed. We also share some listener feedback, synchronous moments and a couple nice UFO quotes from coppers in the UK. 
Just below are links for stuff we talked about during the show and the intro: Grimerica first episode with Niles Heckman
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