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The Grimerica Show

May 31, 2023

Interview starts at 36:40
Richard Syrett is back in Grimerica after almost 10 years. We chat about his shows, his transition from one of his radio shows to podcasting so to say, colliding worlds, the cultural changes happening in Canada and how everything kicked off for him after 911.
We also talk about the growth...

May 23, 2023

Interview starts at 42:20
Jackie Jolie joins us for a great chat about the importance to Sunlight, including the red shift, circadian rhythms, blue light, sunscreen issues, indoor living and grounding. 
We also chat about Lyme disease, how to start utilizing the sun, early morning and evening rays, specials suits...

May 18, 2023

Janice McAfee joins us to chat about whats been going on since John's death. Our condolences of course. We clear up some of these misperceptions and conspiracies. Like why are video's being release now that are all pre recorded? Has she seen the body? What about the John McAfee Telegram channel? What about the suicide...

May 16, 2023

Interview starts at 26:45
Jeff Simone of Reaction Recovery joins us for a chat about addiction recovery, the current state of affairs, mental health, repressed trauma, online communities and the pillars of recovery.
We chat about Overdoses, Oxy, Opioids, The Heroin explosion, the epidemic, the insurance problem,...

May 9, 2023

Interview Starts at 56:35
Eli Coberly joins us for a chat about his book War in the Hearts of Men, his travels around the world, Yoga, breathwork and bliss.
Eli also warns about the amount of destruction in men's hearts, the guru nature of the psychedelic renaissance, the death in ayhawasca, and misinformation. We...