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The Grimerica Show

May 27, 2017

Interview starts 31:45
Craig Owens of Bizarre LA joins and author of “Haunted by History - Separating the Facts and Legends of 8 Historic Hotels and Inns in Southern California” joins us to chat about ghosts and hauntings in old hotels mainly in the LA area. He does photo shoots in these old hotels, sometime right where the famous and not so famous hauntings are. We also chat about the history and birth of LA and Hollywood. He’s captured EVP’s and we talk about his personal experiences with ghostly things and a shadow person.
There are other strange things in LA, and don’t forget the coupon code “Grimerica” for 20% off this haunting coffee table book. Send in your ghost stories, especially if they were at one of these hotels. See the links at the bottom for how to contact us and support the show. 
In the Intro the guys chat about a listener Rainbow Synchro, and another one about OWN. The UFO quote is another gem from the CIA reading room. Check out the Red Pill Expo and all the other links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro: 
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