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The Grimerica Show

Jul 17, 2023

Interview starts at 12:15
Alan Green is back to chat about his amazing series on GAIA "Shakespeare Decoded"  and for a 'you heard it hear first' disclosure of his personal experiences that might be connected to John Dee and his experiences. We talk about the cover up, how he got involved in all of this - just after his experiences, the numerology, 623, ancient wisdom, speculations on why this much effort was put into encoding wisdom, deeper spiritual meaning, false flags, channeling, and kriya yoga.
We also talk about DeVere, Rosicrucian Masters, John Dee and the dark side - which will be Season 2 hopefully, the moon cycles, the Horus Myth, protection from his Guru, and plans to get into the alter stone because it has actually been desecrated.
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In the intro we chat about Disclusure, a quote of the week and our other shows with Alan.
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