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The Grimerica Show

Jul 25, 2023

Interview starts at 45:55
Ron James, creator of Accidental Truth - UFO/UAP Revelations joins us for a great chat about UFO's and Disclosure, and the great timing of his film along with the government whistleblowers and Greer's film.
We also chat about the TTSA, Blue Beam, False Flag UFO's, Dolan's work, 1976 test for life on Mars, Brandenburg's Isotopes, the Galactic Federation, The latest changes with MUFON, and his Movie and those within who spill the beams unintentionally maybe. And the grey box, crimes against humanity, NASA's next move, who the trolls are that sabotaged his reviews, on IMDB, labs, UFO tracking apps and capital D disclosure.
His work for MUFON as Media Relations, and working with the Intel Committee's to bring this out is also discussed. Accidental Truths - UFO Revelations
In the intro we chat about Darren's camping trip, crossing the borders again, and the upcoming hearing on UFO's this Wednesday.
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