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The Grimerica Show

Jan 15, 2015

Ben Davidson - of the “The Mobile Observatory Project” and the Suspicious Observers youtube channel. 

Kickstarter funded this retrofitted mobile RV educational observatory travels around North America sharing the subtle scientific truth and news about the sun, space weather and the electromagnetic affects on the earth.  

The community of 0bservers continues to grow, with over 204,000 subscribers and 47 million views.
Research topics include, but not limited to:heliophysics, cosmic chemistry, seismology, earth's magnetism, climate change, meteorology, geopolitics, health/nutrition, and the new electric universe theories.

The Mobile Observatory Project is a mission to enhance the news capabilities by retrofitting an RV and travelling across the U.S. and Canada on tour, meeting with supporters, conducting research with contacts, sightseeing with family, as well as presenting at schools, museums and public venues, all while continuing to release the news every day. 

Link to the daily global climate news…. 





In the intro, never heard before Grimerica -Red Pill Junkie – On the winter solstice at a sacred site RPJ loses his virginity to entheogens!! Well…. Kind of, “it was only the tip”! Does that still count?! After reading and talking about it for years and over much deliberation RPJ finally takes the plunge into his first psychedelic experience. With ceremony and reverence led by the Huichol Shaman RPJ takes the plunge by snacking on peyote and downing mescaline. Hear what happens next!! 

The guys also chat about lucid dreams, some listener feedback and of course the weekly UFO quote.

Intro and Grimerica Info

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