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The Grimerica Show

Apr 12, 2014

Dr. Tom Roberts is in Grimerica. Can we expand our cognitive abilities through psychotechnology and entheogenic research and experimentation? What is the future of our minds? Tom is redefining Consciousness and adding dimensions like the mind body multi-state theory. Are we entering a new religion? A religion based on personal spiritual experiences of enlightenment and not from an ancient text and dogmatic institution!?!? 

In the intro Joanne Bean, spiritual healer, lodge keeper joins the guys to talk about the upcoming One World Drum Ceremony coming up on April 21, 2014. She has been helping organize others from around the world to drum, dance, pray and meditate, etc. with intention to stimulate love and healing in the world. She will be facilitating multiple ceremonies in the Calgary area on that day. 

The Grimerican’s  chat about the Cat hostage event and the upcoming local Cat show. Listener feedback and the new moneybomb are discussed as usual. Contribute to the show and we will gift half back to a listener. 



John M Allegro Jesus was a Mushroom




Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key

X-Files Dub - Dubway Beatfresh

Smiff Da Mista - The End

Psychedelic Rock Idea -  Ben Shaw


MarsBeing Thread vs Tom Odell - Another Love Class