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The Grimerica Show

Jan 4, 2014

Fritz Zimmerman, author of “The Nephilim Chronicles” is in Grimerica! The guys chat about 100’s of discoveries of giant’s bones all over the globe and particularly in North America. What about numerology related to the Nephilim and the Smithsonian perpetuating hoaxes!?!?! 

In the intro Darren and Graham talk about some goals for 2014 and they call Efrain Palermo to talk about the release of his book “Alien Cartel” 







Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key  Jagger’s New Band High School Sweetheart


SeventhWonder - My Favorite Dream (Cosmic Quest Remix)


The Den - Elliot Mars and Captain Panic


Follow - Annoy


Alvin Brandt - Winter Blues



Broke For Free - Budding