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The Grimerica Show

Mar 8, 2014

Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire joins Darren and Graham tonight in Grimerica. For years Jim has provided an open forum for people to comfortably talk about their strange and unexplained experiences. Jim is partly responsible for the fading of the ridicule factor and allowing people to open up. They chat about the Genesis of Jim Harold Inc, skeptics, podcasting, the strange of all sorts and lots more. 

Alan Boyle, Cosmic Log at NBC 


Red Pill Junkie joins the guys for this Intro. Can humans and their bodies sense future events? What about alien bio evidence in martian meteors? 

Mike Clelland interview with Richard Dolan 





Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key

X Files Dub - Dubway Beatfresh

Giraffage - All That Matter

Amphetamine - PRODillstatus

Auditory Canvas - The Quickening 


Climax - Sir CRKS southside edit