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The Grimerica Show

Jan 25, 2014

Kris Weston, formerly from “The Orb” joins Darren and Graham. Partially responsible for Graham’s obsession with electronic music... Kris now hates electronic music. He chats about his new fundraiser for some real music production and some of his past interest in the strange and conspiratorial scarring of the collective consciousness, along with a different way of sharing via web. 

Kris “Thrash” Weston’s site 

Krisstarter campaign 

In the intro Darren and Graham talk about their new global flyer campaign. THC podcast comes up again, episodes with Dave Asprey and Stephen Greer.

Dave Asprey and the upgraded self 

Stephen Greer – Sirius Disclosure 


Radio Misterioso and RPJ 

RPJ on the Paracast 

IRATI Investigating RINA 

An Intro to RINA by John Day 

Neil Postman, Our we amusing ourselves to death? 

The smoking gun by Colin McLaren 

Marshall Mcluhan 

Catch 33 by Meshuggah 





Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key


EDISDEAD - Crazy Remix





Nato Feelz - No Trespassing