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The Grimerica Show

Aug 11, 2014

Philip Comella, author of “The Collapse of Materialism – Visions of Science, Dreams of God” joins Darren and Graham tonight in Grimerica. In this book Philip demonstrates how the paranormal, philosophy, science and religion are all pointing us to a raising of consciousness and growing awareness that we are more than just meat and potatoes. Together, we dream the world and the stars!  Philip is a lawyer and visionary futurist and the fellas chat about the changing paradigm, the explosion of new books, the Tao and trouble with physics, dreamtime, and the logical path to spirituality. 

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Red Pill Junkie is in Grimerica for this intro. Red talks about some changes to his blogging career and his recent Gnostic review of Graham’s Hancock’s latest book “War God”. They chat about Salt and voodoo circles, listener feedback, precog synchro’s and the upcoming Paradigm Symposium 2014. 

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Paradigm Symposium 2014 

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