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The Grimerica Show

Sep 15, 2013

Passport to Grimerica with past guests and fans. Jared, David, Jagger, Efrain Palermo and Red Pill Junkie get a passport to Grimerica on this episode. The fellas chat about everything from their own personal experiences, New Zealand politics, Mars, Synchronicities, the Oz affect, and of course Efrain crazy theories... including one on ice crystals in your very own kitchen freezer!!

Red Pills of the week

Efrain’s website, including his upcoming book... 

No agenda podcast 

Jagger’s band “High School Sweethart”

Bruce Lipton



Russell Brand Nazi Rant





Grimerica Theme Song - Lock&Key


Fairies and Shit - Joseph Delano


Pegboard Nerds - Rocktronik


Quill - Joopiter



To A friend - AlexisonFire(AdventureClub Remix)