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The Grimerica Show

Mar 15, 2018

Interview Starts 44:45
Rob and Trish MacGregor join us for a great chat about Synchronicities and their writing about this fascinating topic. We also chat about their other writing, about UFO’s, ET’s and abductions, and writing "Anti-matter" for Omni mag in the 90’s. We also chat about other paranormal topics...

Mar 8, 2018

Interview starts 48:20
Walter Bosley joins us to chat about his writings on the Breakaway Civilizations - going back possibly to the mid 1800’s, the Secret Space Programs, and his previous work as a government agent. 
We also dig into the Sonora Aeroclub, anti-gravity, disclosure, whistleblowers, sailing the...

Mar 3, 2018

interview starts 42:28
Fiona Horne joins us to talk about her latest book “The Naked Witch - An Autobiography”. Fiona has had quite the rollercoaster of a life, from spirituality and OBE’s to rockstar, to hollywood tv, witch to a commercial pilot in the Caribbean delivering food and goods to help people. 

Feb 24, 2018

Interview starts 41:50
Lynne McTaggart joins us to chat about her latest book “The Power of 8”. Lynne wrote “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment” years ago and this is a great follow up book. Lynne has been carrying out research around the positive effects of group intention. Amazingly, not only is...

Feb 17, 2018

Interview Starts 39:50
Joseph P. Farrell is back in the igloo bringing some high octane speculation. We cover Antarctica - past and present, fusion research in the 50’s, the very high level connections between NASA and the post war Nazi’s in Argentina. We also chat about America’s 3 fold problem with the deep...