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The Grimerica Show

Jan 18, 2020

Interview Starts at 37:10
Courtney Kittrell joins us to chat about her book Unapologetically Favoured and her time in the military as a black lesbian woman. She tells a powerful and emotional story about leadership, learning from mistakes, intuition, dealing with an active shooter, and personal struggles. We also chat...

Jan 11, 2020

Interview Starts at 49:05
JR Hodge, aka OddManOut, joins us to chat about the deep state, his journey from one wing to no wings, politics, and his new podcast. We hit a few third rail topics so we’ll see if this stays on youtube. We also chat about documentaries, books and other shows highlighting the New World...

Jan 4, 2020

Interview Starts at 1:09:15
Rick Strassman returns to chat about Darren’s DMT experience, his latest novel - Joseph Levi Escapes Death, research into DMT, and correlations to the Hebrew Bible. We also chat about DMT and the Pineal Gland, state of mind, visions and voices, zen Buddhism, psilocybin psychotherapy and...

Dec 28, 2019

Interview starts at 29:50
Chris Knowles joins us in Grimerica for a long awaited chat about his first “fiction” book He Will Live up in the Sky. We also chat about his various blogs, symbolism, hollywood wokeness, practicing magic, the system, and the late Roman Republic.
We touch on laws, the system, political...

Dec 23, 2019

Somewhat of an annual holiday tradition, we are joined by podcasting friends Micah Hanks, Cruzin with Steak, Cat in the Box and Michael in our studio.
We chat about social media, learning new languages, UFO’s, synchronicities, solstice, to shoot or not to shoot Sasquatch, guns, moon exploration and much more.