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The Grimerica Show

Nov 18, 2017

interview Starts 35:20
Cathy Eck of no labels no lies and gateway to gold joins us to chat about research into ancient mystery schools and getting rid of belief systems. Cathy shares her journey through the metaphysical library of experience to free herself of belief systems. We also chat about the mystery schools,...

Nov 13, 2017

Interview Starts 34:15
Charles Ortel joins us again to talk about charity fraud, gaming the system and, and how this could all fall apart in the next couple weeks. We also chat about Canada's equivalent with Trudeau’s foundation, which of course has dramatically increased it’s take in since Justin’s election....

Nov 11, 2017

Interview starts 27:50
Matt Landman, creator of Frankenskies the movie  joins for this chat about weather modification, persistent contrails, chemtrails and geo-engineering. Matt shares his background in business, finance and film and how he woke up to our Franken Skies. We chat about the decades long real history of...

Nov 9, 2017

interview starts 30:27
David Mathisen joins us again to chat about his latest on star myths, the common celestial language of Myth that connects all people, and the myths representing us and our soul journey and not just being something physical.

Nov 4, 2017

interview Starts 54:45
Joshua Black of grief joins us to chat about his research into grief dreams. Joshua is on his last year of ph.d study into this under researched topic. He explains why people dream of deceased love ones and how this can be a healing process, the different types of dreams we have,...