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The Grimerica Show

Mar 26, 2024

Interview starts at 29:45
Tom Matte joins us for an interesting chat about Upsight and his journey to try and have this scientifically validated. We chat about what Upsight actually is, the IONS experiment with him and how this is different than internal visions or hallucinations, what the EEG's showed and what some...

Mar 19, 2024

Interview starts at 23:50
Randall Carlson is back to chat with us about interesting synchronistic measurements of our solar system, our moon and Eclipses. We chat about Randall's initiation with a yogi in 1971, how he started looking at sacred geometry, his name Maja Jiva - Great Life Force, the significance of 108,...

Mar 12, 2024

Interview Starts at 41:45
Cliff Dunning is here for a great chat about Earth Ancients, questioning history, revolutions in our understanding, evidence of previous civilizations, and the need for multi disciplinary research.
We get into old archeological data, geomagnetic science, his journey and the Whole Life Expo,...

Mar 5, 2024

Interview starts at 32:45
Luke Caverns joins us to chat about the upcoming Eclipse, and his latest foray into the Mayan jungles in search for lost pyramids and temples. We chat about the difference between Maya, Astec, Inca etc and what happened when the Spaniards came, anthropology, the snake kingdom, ominous...