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The Grimerica Show

Apr 30, 2024

Interview starts at 33:00
Yousef Awyan joins us for a great chat about Egypt. Yousef is one of the top esoteric tour guides in Egypt and lives literally right next to the Giza plateau, and has been doing tours of ancient sites for many years.
We chat about Cairo, his family shop, Land of Chem - another path opener,...

Apr 23, 2024

Interview starts at 31:25
Alex Tsakiris is back after many years and we have a great chat about his latest book and research into the new ai models "Why AI? Is Smartest.... Is Dangerous.... Is Divine.
We chat about the difference now with these ai platforms, Large Language Models, machine learning, the turning point...

Apr 16, 2024

Interview starts at 33:40
Robert Glover joins us after many years to chat about his next phase Integration Nation - Good Men Doing Better and becoming an integrated man and of course - No More Mr. Nice Guy.
We chat about some of the other books that have contributed to his genre, him recovering from a tumour, fight...

Apr 11, 2024

Interview starts at 35:45
Dr. Shane Simonsen joins us for a great chat about cycles of agriculture, hybridization, zero input agriculture, assembling a range of future proof crops, his upcoming book and where would he want to be during a collapse, and explosion of new domestications and adoption of low-tech...

Apr 2, 2024

Interview starts at 26:10
Ron Janix joins us for a chat about Disclosure and UFO's including the upcoming massive conference Contact in the Desert. Although it feels glacial in movement, we chat about how much has changed since 2017, media coverage, some of the semi private programs researching anomalies,...