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The Grimerica Show

Oct 2, 2015

Interview starts 47:00
Supaman - aka Chris Parish - Native hip hop artist and competitive POW WOW dancer. We have a great chat with Chris about his sober journey through pow wow culture and his hip hop career. Supaman is positive influence and voice for his native community and culture and his heart felt attitude is a great example for all of us. Where does creativity come from, connecting to the one creator, helping troubled youth, native culture and dancing, having respect for your elders, and our innate hunger for spirituality are just some of the things we chat about.
Red Pill Junkie joins us for the intro. We give a shout out to our first guest ever - Efrain Palermo, and the recent announcement from NASA regarding the water on Mars. Graham reads a listener's UFO experience at a crystal show and a couple of small but great synchronicities are shared. The "save sasquatch" and "grimerica" t-shirts are just about ready. Graham changes up the UFO quote.... just for Darren.
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