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The Grimerica Show

Nov 8, 2014

A great mix of vendors, attendees, presenters and Grimericans for the Paradigm wrap up episode recorded live at the Paradigm Symposium 2014 Minneapolis Minnesota, Oct 2-5 at The Women’s Club. Phyllis Galde from FATE, Wildflower, Todd Doner of The Others Report, Stuart from Calgary, Efrain Palermo, and Red Pill Junkie participate in this final episode from Paradigm Symposium 2014. See the links below for more information. 

Phyllis Galde and Fate Mag links: 

Wildflower’s links: 

Todd Doner’s links: Get his APP! 

Red Pill Junkie’s links: 

Efrain Palermo’s links: 

Stuart from Calgary’s link: 

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Check out the Paradigm Symposium 2015. We will be there again!! Year 4