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The Grimerica Show

Jan 18, 2014

Susan B. Martinez, author of “The Lost History of the Little People” and “The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man” joins Darren and Graham on this episode. First Giants, now little people... what is this – Middle Earth!?!  Apparently the little folk go way way back to the beginning and we humans are merely the leftover hybrid race of crossbreeding species for thousands of years. 

In the Intro with Red Pill Junkie we talk about his latest appearance on Greg Bishop’s, Radio Misterioso!! And a couple of his top new stories of late.

Links to Susan’s book on Inner Traditions 

Red Pill Junkie on Radio Misterioso
Gene Steinberg from the Paracast - fundraiser

Soldier of Fortune, Green Beret Mothman

Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, Richard J. Dewhurst 

Barry Hoon, The Art of Deep Seeing, Mindful Insights. 






Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key


Mershak - Hyperreal


Max Manie - Sunday (The Mobylicious Mess-up)


Suffix - Lose Control


Jardin and Shaman - Terrible Pilot



Oompa Loompa Song