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The Grimerica Show

Sep 18, 2023

Interview starts at 33:50
Dr. Narco Longo joins us for a chat about Old World Florida, Atlantis, ancient sea faring and the protected Gulf of Mexico. Is America's history way older than we thought? What about the Bok Saga?
We chat about the Moors, the slaves, political motivations, the cover up, the gulf stream, The...

Sep 13, 2023


Interview starts at 25:55
Owen Hunt joins us for a great chat about finding purpose, free will, conspiracies, and his journey from the outdoor simple life to entrepreneurial coaching, and to comedy.
We chat about Reality Transurfing, Ikigai - the Japanese secret, giving up the fight, helping young people, flow...

Sep 4, 2023

Interview starts at 26:00
Ella LeBain joins us for a great chat about the age of knowledge, end times prophecies, UFO's, the spiritual battle / cosmic war and her knew release (4th edition) of Who's Who in the Cosmic Zoo. We also talk about abductions, her encounters and sightings, human powers, ESP, climate change,...

Aug 29, 2023

Interview Starts at 25:05
Marcus McCoy, astrological alchemical blacksmith sorcerer  joins us for a great chat about real alchemy and using it in blacksmithing weapons and magic items. We chat about the difference between lab alchemy and philosophy, astrology and the planet Jupiter for example, witchcraft, using...

Aug 22, 2023

Interview starts at 32:55
Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari join us for a chat about the new show Haunted Discoveries, how they both got interested in the paranormal, some crazy personal stories, and also about being skeptical, weeding out the false positives and using a scientific categorization method.
We also...