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The Grimerica Show

Feb 20, 2024

Interview starts at 32:00
Adam Curry joins us again for a long chat about all kinds of stuff. We get into the details and differences of Podcasting 2.0 compared to the old school, what happened with Jobs and Apple back then. How it can support micro payments, value for value, streaming live, and more, modern podcast...

Feb 13, 2024

Interview starts at 30:10
Chris Knowles is back to chat about current events and his upcoming synchromystic work. We get into the middle east conflict at the start with the US Navy, accelerating conspiracy culture, UFO's and the National Security state, New World Order, rebuilding trust, sci fi and tech, Stranger...

Feb 6, 2024

Interview starts at 29:20
Marcell Foti joins us for a chat about his theory of Natron in ancient stone working and megalithic building. He has done some of his own experiments using basic implements and fire and he may be onto something. Was this responsible for some of the scoop marks in the quarry? Were they even...

Jan 30, 2024

Interview starts at 29:45
Ethical Skeptic joins us to chat about his essay "Hidden in Plain Sight" regarding evidence of massive flooding on the Giza Plateau. We also chat about other ways humans could have installed those pyramid blocks, using the Sabu Disk as a impeller pump, and Water as a weight, the sand...

Jan 23, 2024

Interview starts at 25:40
John C. Dvorak is back after 5 years to chat about No Agenda, his deconstruction of media process with his co-host Adam Curry, predictions for 2024, what he see's in the market right now, and how podcast is changing and is still in it's infancy. We also chat about Real Estate, Bobby the Op,...