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The Grimerica Show

Jan 31, 2022

Interview starts at 57:10
Joel L Parkyn joins us to chat about his research and book "Exotheology - Theological Explorations of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life". We chat about his conversion experience, his dissertation, his experience of the religious, the history of archaic literature on the subject, ET's as an...

Jan 24, 2022

Interview starts at 48:35
Mark England joins us to chat about coaching, breathing and procabulary. We discuss how important breathing is and how it relates to everything including Mark's coaching certification program. We get into how to change our internal and external dialogue, writing things down, victimhood,...

Jan 17, 2022

Interview Starts at 38:10
Cal Washington joins us to chat about Inpower and learning how the court system works and how to beat it. We talk about the history of Admiralty and Maritime Law, law Merchant, acting as Commerce, and how we are all Merchants. 
We chat about his awakening to the Raquet through divorce court...

Jan 10, 2022

Interview starts at 48:15
Meredith Miller joins us for an amazing chat about trauma and abusive relationships, whether that be with the state or authority, personal or familial. We chat about her NDE, dark night of the soul, awakening and learning about abusive relationships. 
We talk about shamanism, parallel...

Jan 3, 2022

We are joined for this 7th annual holiday Fandango by various friends of the show from the chats. We talk about predictions for 2022, some failed jokes, and Contact at the Cabin. We also get into a little bit about the upcoming guests and what people would like to see on the show.
See links to some of the people's...