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The Grimerica Show

May 30, 2022

Interview starts at 39:05
Benny Wills is back in Grimerica to chat about meme’s and training in communication, having kids during this crazy time, how to disconnect from the negative narrative and creativity.
We also chat about making a meme course, memes being the best comedy, synchromysticism, liberty minded,...

May 23, 2022

Interview starts at 17:00
This is a special episode to give those who were at our last Contact at the Canyons event a chance to share their experience and talk about what it was like for them. And what can we do in the future and what they like about gathering with like minded people for these events....
We chat...

May 16, 2022

Interview starts at 17:25
Chris Duffin joins us for an amazing chat about leadership, taking ownership, working as your authentic self, resilience, and how business process re-engineering can help you personally and start an effective business.
We talk about his book “The Eagle and the Dragon”, if growing up in...

May 9, 2022

Interview starts at 37:35
Shannon Taggart joins us to chat about Spiritualism, physical phenomenon, her book “Seance”, the era’s of the 1800’s and 1900’s, the coincidence of so many spiritual movements and religions coming from the small spot in the NE USA. 
We also get into grieving mother circles, the...

May 4, 2022

Interview starts at 27:20
Mark Steeves joins us for a chat about Skull and Bones and Synchromystic podcasting. We chat about the connection to podcasters, Yale, secret societies, spirits of ancestral power, the synchro web, 322, spiritual crimes, taking the torch and shedding light in the dark.