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The Grimerica Show

Jun 27, 2013

This is a clean release of a previously released episode, there is no new content, only edits to suit a younger audience

 In the intro, the Grimerican’s talk briefly about the newest NSA scandal. Check out Dan Carlin’s “Common Sense” podcast for a balanced view. The guys were recently on “The Nat and Marie...

Jun 23, 2013

Darren and Graham talk to Caleb Hanks of The Gralien Report, and the creator of the new web comic GrayStreet.

Hear it here first, breaking news from the Gralien Report. The guys chat about Caleb’s contribution to the show and how he and his brother got interested in all these interesting topics.

Click on the links...

Jun 13, 2013

Red Pill Junkie joins Darren and Graham for his first of many news and fortean updates. The guys chat about the NSA/Intelligence data capturing Orwellian state of America. Bradley Manning Trial and the US Navy checking out UFO type websites.

Graham talks about the movie People vs. The state of Illusion. RPJ counters...

Jun 6, 2013

The Guys talk with Micah Hanks in this 3rd episode of The Grimerica Show.

After discussing the technical difficulties Graham and Darren talk about the two Orb video’s posted on the website. Upcoming guests and the the latest books, “The Voice of Rolling Thunder” by Stanley Krippner and Sidian Morning Star Jones...