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The Grimerica Show

Dec 31, 2016

Interview starts 40:50
Dan Winter joins us and we chat about his decades of work and research into emotion, bliss, plasma healing technologies, negantropy, fractals and the golden ratio. We talk about his work with bio feedback technologies, his international field of engineers and how emotion turns into...

Dec 28, 2016

Interview Starts 55:30
ATL Carver - author of the PEPE / Kek meme blog we talked about on the show last month joins us for a great chat about this specific meme and meme's in general. (Meme= communication device that encapsulates soundbite. derived from gene...) He's also got a new book coming out call “You're...

Dec 17, 2016

Interview Starts 41:40
Nitin Adsul - co-founder of LifeForce Academy, award winning film maker, life coach and meditation teacher joins us to chat about LFA, spiritual training and awakening the kundalini (life force) that resides in all of us.
This process can enable all sorts of healing, awaken one to their path...

Dec 10, 2016

Interview starts 40:00
Patrick Jordan, author of many books including the pathology of vaccination joins us. We have a long, fun uninterrupted chat about all kinds of crazy stuff like; toxoplasmosis, stargate, operations paperclip, DARPA, fermenting food, Artificial Intelligence and much more. We also chat about...

Dec 4, 2016

We are joined by some old Grimerica friends for this special episode. Enter Red Pill Junkie, Adam from Friends to know podcast, Jestin, and James.
Darren kicks it off by making fun of Graham and his bio-hacking. Thanks to one our listeners .  The guys take turns asking us some questions.
Darren mind was changed...