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The Grimerica Show

Sep 29, 2018

Interview Starts 17:25
Sam Tripoli from Tin Foil Hat podcast, Jeffery Wilson and Pat Miletich from Conspiracy Farm join us on this Royal Rumble. These guys have great shows and are not afraid to approach almost any conspiracy. 
We chat about other conspiracy shows, this modern conspiracy culture, me too, big tech,...

Sep 22, 2018

Interview starts 46:00
Robert Bonomo joins us to chat about the origin of Tarot, the original deck, esotericism, and the path to awakening. Robert does a very interesting reading for us and we chat about Vedic, Indian and Chinese astrology. We also talk about Jungian inflation, the devil/ego, the moral hazards of...

Sep 15, 2018

Interview starts at 38:10
Isaac Weishaupt joins us to chat about his work, Illuminati Watcher and his podcast - Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture, and the shut down of his youtube channel. We also get into all kinds of stuff like Hollywood movie propaganda, believing in the hidden, materialism vs spiritualism,...

Sep 8, 2018

Interview Starts 37:20
Robert Glover - author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” joins us for a great chat about personal growth, his journey and his writing and reciprocal cooperative relationships. We get into the nice guy paradigm, mens groups, relationships, organized feminism, radical honesty, daily meditation,...

Sep 5, 2018

Interview Starts 22:50
Brandon Marsh - Creative Manager, "X-Files Deep State" mobile game joins us to chat about the X-Fikes mobile game, how the show shaped our culture and some of our favorite episodes. We also chat about Charles Fort, and some of the details of the game, ancient aliens and the fabric of our...