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The Grimerica Show

Sep 29, 2021

Interview starts at 34:15
Dean Radin, PhD joins us to chat about IONS, Real Magic - Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and A Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe and Cognigenics. We chat about the latest experiments in psi, how this is related to magical practices over thousands of years, and how it should be secret...

Sep 21, 2021

Interview starts at 31:10
Robert Sullivan IV joins us again to chat about his fascinating book "Cinema Symbolism 3 - The Mysteries of Occult Hollywood Revealed". This one is a little darker and deeper into the esoteric touching on Jung, Golem Making, Gnosticism, Monomyth, melancholy horror, romantic satanism, the dark...

Sep 13, 2021

Interview starts at 38:20
Michael Gagliardi joins us to chat about his first book called “Devil Take the Hindmost - A True Story of Terror”, about his childhood in Canada in the 70’s and 80’s with a possessed mother.
We chat about growing up free range, overachieving, exorcisms, trauma, mental institutions,...

Sep 7, 2021

Interview starts at 45:05
Lesley Mitchell-Clarke joins us to chat about Regression and ET contact. Regression into past lives, interlife, UFO’s, and ET contact.
We chat about experiencers, the trend of “abductions”, the deals made with our governements and ET, mid life crisis, people opening up, sky people,...