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The Grimerica Show

Oct 31, 2023

Interview starts at 15:30
Tony Merkel joins us for a great chat about his work on the paranormal, hosting a show that talks about people's personal stories and expanding to make movies on hunting this phenomenon. We chat about his background, Dog vs Dogman, the woowoo, the supernatural realms existence, government...

Oct 24, 2023

Interview Starts at 26:55
Brandan Pundai joins us for a chat about Freedom and Sovereignty and his journey learning about all the different paths towards this. There is a lot of scammers out there and disinfo on how to become "free", and he has listened to our past shows about this topic and has helped us along the...

Oct 17, 2023

Interview starts at 29:55
John Kirwin, long time worship leader and Pastor joins us for a chat about his book "The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide - A Guidebook for Persecuted Truthers" and his journey from 2017 to today. What is the hallmark of a truther? We chat about turning rocks over, tyranny, the growing gap,...

Oct 10, 2023

Interview Starts at 23:20
Dominic Vallee joins us for a chat about his journey and his book "Zinfaendel - The Mystics Path of Self-Knowledge". We chat about his synchronicity with the Rose, how interest in UFO's led to Mysticism and Magic, messages and signs, new thought, how ideas live, knowing yourself, the formless...

Oct 3, 2023

Interview starts at 31:30
Crow Qu'appelle joins us to chat about Shame Day, Woke agenda's, indigenous activism and his theory on what is happening from a bigger picture. We chat about the unmarked graves, land back, how this could be reconciled, quotes from long ago, the homeless indians, anarchism and the National...