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The Grimerica Show

Feb 27, 2017

Duncan Trussell, Randall Carlson, Camron Wiltshire, The Hosts from Grimerica, Brandon Powell, Clay Roupe, and Michael Parker enter the Den for a Magical Egypt Cancer Fight Companion in support of Clay’s Fundly campaign for John Anthony West’s treatment.

With support from Magical Egypt Studios, we’re going to...

Feb 25, 2017

Interview starts 33:40
David Charles Plate joins us for a great, long chat about his fresh research into translating the Zohar Prophecies, Synchronicities and matching classic albums to movies. We chat about the upcoming translation "tears of the soldiers”, "prayers of the small children”, and "young...

Feb 18, 2017

Interview starts 35:10
Craig Flowers joins us to talk about his work, the “Heretics Guide to Reality”, hopefully an upcoming book or video presentation. It’s a new TOE - Theory of Everything with new equations including Time. Time as a quantum particle…..
Craig is a long time listener to the show and we’ve...

Feb 11, 2017

Interview starts 43:00
Lyle Blackburn and Seth Breedlove join us for a great chat about making Crypto movies about small town monsters. Lyle has been researching this sometimes creepy stuff for a long time now and has been on TV and written books. Seth is fairly new but has always had an open mind. The combination is...

Feb 4, 2017

Interview Starts 37:05
Alan Green joins us for a fun chat about partially uncovering some of the Shakespeare mysteries and his time traveling and working with the Monkees. We chat about his talk at CPAK and how he has found poetic and mathematical codes in Shakespeare and how this also relates to the great...