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The Grimerica Show

Jan 31, 2023

Interview starts at 39:40
Trevor Lohman joins us to chat about his research into longevity and other fascinating topics. We reflect on our chat with Dr. Antoun on the fasting mimicking diet, how nutritional research is still terrible, biological vs chronological age, and coffee and low cal keto diets.
We also get into...

Jan 24, 2023

Interview starts at 35:10
Bec Mylonas joins us for a great chat about spiritual emergencies, accessing talents from all your past/concurrent lives, transmutation, direct initiations, trusting the channelings, and slave codes.
We also chat about ley lines, repairing the grid, with help from galactic realms,...

Jan 17, 2023

Interview starts at 33:15
Dr. Joseph Antoun, CEO of L-Nutra joins us for a great chat about fasting, a fasting mimicking diet, the science behind it and his company growing to serve the world. 
We chat about healing from cancer, diabetes, and the other experiments they are doing with auto-immune etc. His background...

Jan 10, 2023

Interview starts at 35:05
Andrew Gold from On The Edge joins us for a great chat about the current state of YouTube, podcasting, busting abusive exorcists, and how we are forced to play this race game. We also get into Atheism, paranormal beliefs, reincarnation, trans ideology, staying open minded, simulation /...

Jan 3, 2023

Interview starts at 31:40
Ronnie Pontiac joins us for a great chat about his new book published by Inner Traditions "American Metaphysical Religion - Esoteric and Mystical Traditions of the New World" and the lesson know people and aspecs of the 'occult' teachings in the West. Ronnie was Manly P. Hall's research...