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The Grimerica Show

Mar 31, 2018

Interview Starts 31:40
Gian Quasar - Independent Investigator of the unknown joins us for a fascinating chat about his decades of work. He is apt to piss off the sketpics and the believers with his no nonsense, follow the facts approach. He’s dug deep into the Bermuda Triangle, true crime serial killers, UFO’s,...

Mar 29, 2018

Interview Starts 33:45
Shannon Taggart joins us to talk about Seance - Spiritualist Research and the Search for Ectoplasm. This book is fruition of her decades long venture. We chat about spending time in dark rooms with Seances, the history of Spiritualism in the west, and the photography ectoplasm and orbs.

Mar 24, 2018

Interview Starts 29:05
Clif High joins us again for a fascinating chat about predictive linguistics and the emotional reduction engine, Cryptocurrency, spirituality and our energetic bodies and karmic load, and alternative social media.
He’s forecasting the future via radical predictive linguistics from the slightly...

Mar 23, 2018

Interview starts 45:55
Rick Simpson, maker of cancer killing cannabis oil – Phoenix Tears and title of his first book, recently published. His book detailing his challenges with finding out that an extract from the cannabis hemp plant can cure cancer and numerous other ailments and diseases.
Rick is obviously not in...

Mar 18, 2018

Interview Starts 36:40
Tony Pantalleresco joins us to chat about Artificial Intelligence, opening portals, pulling foreign material from the body, smart dust and nano particles, chemtrails and extreme detoxing.
We also chat about vaccines, multiple biohacks, glyphosate, high jacking health, frequency blocking and...