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The Grimerica Show

Mar 26, 2017

 Interview Starts 49:05
Two of our favourite past guests, Conner Habib and Gordon White join us in this roundtable chat about the occult, magic, synchronicities, positive thinking, morality, hollywood, the esoteric, the new spiritual renaissance and much more. We also get into the polarization of the political climate...

Mar 18, 2017

Interview starts 33:00
Nancy Yearout - author of Wake Up - The Universe is Speaking to You joins us and we chat about her book and her journey. She's a spiritual coach, inspirational speaker teaching how to use univeral energy to change your life. We chat about the shift from materialism to waking up to something more...

Mar 11, 2017

Interview Starts 31:50
Dan Davidson joins us to chat about his decades of research into Form, Energy, Forces, Aetheric Science, Spirituality and much more. This is another great chat with someone dedicated to their research who has also experienced some sort of  “Download” which has enabled the articulation of...

Mar 4, 2017

Interview starts 29:35 
Xaviant Haze joins us and we chat about Giants, Banking, Smithsonian conspiracies, suppressed history and much more. Xaviant has written a bunch of books such as; Ancient Giants of the Americas, The Suppressed History of American Banking, and Aliens of Ancient Egypt to name a few. We have a...