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The Grimerica Show

Jul 30, 2016

Interview Starts 47:05
James Ernest Brown,  Author of Ancient Electric Egyptians - Penetrating the Atom with Electrified Sperm joins us for an electrifying chat. James has been traveling and documenting Egypt since 1978. The title of his book may sound crazy but after you hear this and see the results of his research...

Jul 24, 2016

Interview Starts 24:55
Dr. Carmen Boulter - creator of Netflix hit series, The Pyramid Code joins us for a great chat about pyramids, ancient culture and her upcoming series The New Atlantis. Carmen's previous work also includes the great work Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness,...

Jul 16, 2016

Interview Starts 28:50
Carl Johan Calleman author of 'The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization - the Quantum Evolution of Consciousness' joins us to chat about his latest work. We chat about the mind vs. brain and the consequences of our materialistic culture. Carl's alternative theory to our dramatic shift in...

Jul 10, 2016

Interview starts 1:16:15
Corey S Powell - Author, science editor and journalist, joins us for this fantastic episode about all things astronomical and science. Corey spent 15 years at Discover, and was a member of the Board of Editors at Scientific American. He is currently Science Editor at Aeon mag. 
We chat about...

Jul 2, 2016

Interview Starts 32:15
Jordan Bonaparte from the Nighttime podcast joins us from Eastern Canada to chat about his podcast, and some of his favorite mysteries. We talk about some True Crime stories, Oak Island, local paranormal groups and one of the most popular UFO cases from back east.
We also touch on missing 411...